Take a fresh look through the lenses of the arts in our new season of performances!

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- NUS Centre For the Arts
- ExxonMobil Campus Concerts
- NUS Arts Festival 2014
Fri 22 Aug, 6pm - 10pm, UCC
Tue 26 Aug, 8pm, UCC Theatre
Wed 3 Sep, 8pm, UCC Theatre
Thu 4 Sep, 8pm, UCC Theatre
Sat 13 Sep, 3pm, library@esplanade
Fri 19 Sep, 7pm, Alice Lee Plaza, NUS
Sat 27 Sep, 5pm, VivoCity Rooftop Amphitheatre
Tue 7 Oct, 8pm, UCC Theatre
Wed 15 Oct, 8pm, UCC Dance Studio

The Lobby and Top Level of the NUS Museum will be closed for renovation works from end-July to December 2014. Please click here for more info.