Under the instruction of Resident Conductor Lum Yan Sing and Associate Conductor Moses Gay, the NUS Chinese Orchestra (NUSCO) takes pride in its diverse repertoire, ranging from traditional chamber music to technically demanding contemporary works by both local and overseas composers.

In its endeavour to inspire young musicians and uphold the standards of a premier orchestra, NUSCO regularly takes up the challenge of performing technically demanding symphonies and capriccios during its concerts, and has performed great works such as Great Wall Capriccio, The Story of Lan Hua Hua and A Glimpse of Taklamakan.

NUSCO also actively participates in the promotion of the arts not just within the Chinese music scene in Singapore but also in many other cultural regions and countries around the world.

Key Past Events

  • 2014Annual Concert Vestige, featuring world premiere of Dance of Dreams composed by Xu Zhi Yan
  • 2014NUS ExxonMobil Campus Concerts highlight Tales
  • 2015Performance for the China Film Festival at Shaw Foundation Alumni House
  • 2016Annual concert A Glimpse of Diversity

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Lum Yan Sing

Music Director & Resident Conductor

Lum Yan Sing is one of the few Singaporean musicians with international performing experience in the erhu and orchestral conducting, having toured Switzerland, South Africa, Mauritius, Greece, Norway, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, India, Taiwan and Thailand. He is also the first foreigner to be invited by the China Central Chinese Orchestra to present an erhu solo-recital in the Beijing Concert Hall; besides recording a solo album accompanied by the orchestra, he also conducted the esteemed orchestra.

In 1995, Lum Yan Sing was invited by the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra to participate in the Shanghai Spring recital and was the orchestral leader for the first part of the performance. In 1997, he led the Singapore Chinese Orchestra's 10-member ensemble to the International Arts Festival in Egypt. He was also the former Assistant Conductor and Concert Master of Singapore Chinese Orchestra. He was similarly invited by SSO to perform the erhu solo and conduct the orchestra.

Currently an Assistant Director (Instrumental Projects & Education) at NUS Centre For the Arts, NUS, Lum Yan Sing is also the Music Director, Resident Conductor and erhu tutor of the NUS Chinese Orchestra and the Chief Examiner of the NUS CFA Chinese Instrumental Examination. An active figure in the regional music scene, he sits on the committee of various Chinese orchestra societies in both Singapore and Malaysia. An accomplished and talented erhu player, he is often invited as an adjudicator for instrumental competitions in Singapore and in overseas. Under the invitation of National Arts Council, Lum Yan Sing also assumed the responsibilities of the Music Director cum Conductor at the 2006 and 2008 National Chinese Music Competition Prize Winners’ Concert.