nuSTUDIOS Film Productions is CFA’s very own mini-Hollywood, having produced more than 22 short films since its inception in 2000, the finest of which have participated in both local and international film festivals. nuSTUDIOS offers a diverse range of activities and training programmes including masterclasses by industry professionals. Catering to all levels of filmmaking experience, nuSTUDIOS members can expect to gain first-hand experience through shooting their own short films.

Apart from film productions, nuSTUDIOS also programmes regular screenings for the larger campus audience to broaden exposure and foster a discerning eye for film styles and techniques by modern indie film auteurs. nuSTUDIOS is currently under the guidance of local film veteran Juan Foo, who has produced seminal films such as "Perth" and "Return to Pontianak".

The nuSTUDIOS team is split into two sections: the Production team, which oversees scriptwriting, camera, editing and works that involve film production such as scripting, storyboarding, filming, lighting, sound and post-production editing, and the Programmes team, which handles the curatorial and administrative aspects of nuSTUDIOS including events, programmes, marketing, publicity, distribution of films and partnerships with external arts organisations to promote good films.

Key Past Events

  • 2013 Singapore premiere of Scott Pilgrim vs The World, part of NUS Arts Festival
  • 2016 nuSTUDIOS 15.15, 15th Anniversary Film Screening, part of NUS Arts Festival


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Juan Foo

Principal Tutor

Juan Foo has pioneered digital filmmaking in Singapore; using technology and technique to deliver screen content. He produced horror and cults films Return to Pontianak and Perth; and was also involved in several others. His career started in freelance production work and then to producing. Juan is also one of the first few in Singapore who have sold a developed script project to Hollywood.

His varied background has led him to write, teach, develop and promote screen content in several training schools and universities. His previous work has included media training, talent development and content quality assessment. Juan is also part of U Creative.