NUS Rondalla is a tremolo music orchestra that has its background in Spani sh, South American and Filipino music. Founded in 1981 by music director and conduc tor Dr Joe Peters, NUS Rondalla is the first and most active rondalla group in Singapore.

The group performs using a mixture of Spanish and Filipino stringed instrument s such as bandurias, Neapolitan mandolins, lauds, octavins, mandolas, guitars, and double basses. Two tuning systems, the Western equal tempered (Spanish and Neapolitan) and the just intonation system (Filip ino), operate in confluence to give that unique sound ambience that is particular of NU S Rondalla.

Training of its members is heuristic, and has successfully converted good mu sicians of other genres into rondalla musicians without making them give up their original in struments. Senior students are also encouraged to train as music-arrangers, giving them a musical understanding that goes beyond performance.

Key Past Events

  • 2011Represented NUS at the 3rd International Rondalla Festival in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte, The Philippines
  • 2014NUS ExxonMobil Campus Concerts highlight Fiesta Rondalla
  • 2016Annual concert Vivace Rondalla
  • 2016Performance at Singapore Flamenco Festival

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Linda Zhong


Linda Zhong first joined NUS Rondalla as a member while pursuing her undergraduate studies in NUS School of Computing. With her background in keyboard, erhu, acoustic guitar and choral singing, it was not difficult for her to transfer the knowledge to the Filipino bandurria and octavina, and eventually to Spanish instruments. Under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Peters (founder of NUS Rondalla), she finished the Rondalla Music Arranging & Publishing Course in 2008, became a student arranger and started to train junior members since. Every year, she arranges new pieces for NUS Rondalla and assist in the production of the annual concert. She has been the tutor of Filipino instruments since 2012.