Formed with the underlying belief that no professional stage production is complete without excellent behind-the-scenes work, the ExxonMobil Campus Concerts (EMCC) Crew is CFA’s student production group that works behind the scenes to ensure the best possible performances. Members learn the ins and outs of backstage work, engaging in a variety of roles from stage managing to sound and lighting and artist liaising.

Taking their name from the ExxonMobil Campus Concerts, CFA’s free-admission performance series held from January to March and August to October, the Crew has since expanded its scope to include supporting CFA group shows and the NUS Arts Festival.

Crew members enjoy the opportunity to relish the challenge and thrills of working behind the scenes on stage productions. EMCC Crew is a platform for a unique perspective of how productions are carried out and also provides numerous opportunities to interact with professional artistes.

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