NUS Chinese Drama is a forum theatre group that was formed to promote theatre arts in the Chinese language by encouraging and facilitating critical thinking processes between actors and the audience. The group functions according to three principles: upholding artistic originality, inculcating social sensitivity, and honing professionalism.

Recently, the group has focused more on the form of community theatre. In 2013, the group conducted invisible theatre around the campus, eliciting reactions from the public when they encountered violence against women.

The group was guided by Ms Li Xie, an experienced theatre practitioner and 2005 recipient of the National Arts Council Young Artist Award who led the group to becoming the first student group to bring forum theatre to campus audiences. NUS Chinese Drama also seeks to nurture the next generation of actors and playwrights.

Key Past Events

  • 2013 Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay at NUS Arts Festival
  • 2016 Encounter at ExxonMobil Campus Concerts
  • 2017 NUS Arts Festival highlight Dear Miss Ye
  • 2018 Annual show Rhinoceros in Love


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