Formed in October 2006, NUS Stage is currently the only English Language theatre group under NUS Centre For the Arts. Presently under the direction of award-winning theatre maker Edith Podesta, NUS Stage is steadily growing to become a vibrant and innovative campus group for aspiring theatre-makers. Its members comprise uniquely NUS students from very diverse disciplines of study, ages and theatre backgrounds, as well as alumni members who return to contribute to Stage despite busy work schedules.

Recent achievements include The Golden Record for NUS Arts Festival 2017: Brave New Worlds which commemorated the 40th anniversary of the historical launch of the Voyager 1 space probe. In 2018, the production was further developed into The Golden Record 2.0 directed and written by Edith together with journalist Corrie Tan. Devised through a series of workshops and through interviews with locals conducted by Corrie and NUS Stage members, The Golden Record 2.0 shifts its focus from the universal to the local in determining the tokens and memories of our nation’s identity when faced by the possibility that such tokens could be sent into space.

NUS Stage is also known for its interest in collaborations. In 2018, NUS Stage collaborated with Electronic Music Lab (EML) to present The City Remembers, drawn heavily from Alfian Sa’at’s poetry anthology, A History of Amnesia. Created out of workshops utilising Anne Bogart’s Composition and Laban acting techniques, the actors embodied the stories set to a live soundtrack composed by musicians from EML, which teased out the darker sides of living in a modern multi-cultural society.

As part of building different capabilities in its members, NUS Stage also presents annual showcases comprising works written by, performed, directed, and managed entirely by students.Through greater freedom to experiment with theatre, members explore different facets of putting on a production and discover where their strengths best lie in the art of theatre-making.

Key Past Events

2017   NUS Arts Festival Highlight The Golden Record
2018   Semester 2 Internal Productions Ellipses
2018   The City Remembers at ExxonMobil Campus Concerts
2018   NUS Arts Festival Highlight The Golden Record 2.0
2019   Semester 2 Internal Productions 40 Winks

Key Past Achievements

2018   NUS Arts Festival Highlight The Golden Record 2.0
2018   Outreach project conducted with ACORN Tamar Village

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